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Anxiety & Stress Solution

Are you plagued with anxiety, depression, obsessive behaviour, weight issues, insomnia or stress?

Our health coaching ensures that we look at you holistically; the mind is connected to the body. Both body and mind should be nurtured to maintain balance and good health.

If you are looking to improve performance in any part of your life, we need to look at the emotional and the physical. The emotional aspect will employ a plurality of methods which include NLP, EFT, integrative counselling approaches, clinical hypnotherapy, the latest in behavioural change techniques.

The physical aspect will include looking at nutrition, sleep, exercise, energy levels, hormones and stress. Click here for your free 20 minute phone consultation

Anxiety & Stress Solution. Stress


Stress, the modern day scourge. Our bodies react to stress in the same way whether the stressor is an escaped tiger in your garden or your boss moving a report deadline forward. Our bodies move into flight or fight mode and often this stress is left unchecked as we do not run away from our boss or start a fight with him (I hope). This constant unabated stress has a knock on effect on our health.

Have you ever suffered from the following?

  • As sense of heart rate increase or your heart missing a beat when you have not physically exerted yourself
  • A dry mouth
  • Feelings of shakiness
  • The sense that you are using lots of nervous energy
  • Scared for no reason
  • Finding it hard to calm down after something has upset you
  • A fear that you may be thrown by some trivial but unfamiliar task

    These are just some of the symptoms that show you might be suffering from stress and anxiety.

  • Anxiety & Stress Solution. Depresssionwoman

    Depression and Anxiety

    In 2014, 19.7% of people in the UK aged 16 and over showed symptoms of anxiety or depression. (Mental Health Foundation)

    Have you;

  • Lost interest or found little pleasure in doing things
  • Do you feel down or hopeless
  • Found yourself having trouble sleeping
  • Been suffering from low energy
  • Had a poor appetite or been overeating
  • Lost your concentration

    If you have found yourself feeling this way for more than a couple of weeks, you could be suffering with depression. Sometimes there is a trigger for these feelings, a stressful situation or a loss and sometimes there is nothing you can put your finger on.

    We can support you with our programmes that can help you with the symptoms of your anxiety or depression but also to identify what may be the cause. Click here for your free 20 minute phone consultation

  • How can health coaching help?

    Our anxiety programmes usually take place over 6-8 weeks and include

  • NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coaching

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